A clinical study was conducted in Istituto Clinico Humanitas, (Milan) Italy on patients suffering from mild to moderate UC in the acute phase (active flare-ups). This was conducted to show the safety and effectiveness of TRUD™ in UC.


Statistically significant results described below were seen in patients who used TRUD™ at the end of the study (week 4). TRUD™ was shown to be effective in reducing the clinical and endoscopic symptoms of patients that suffer from UC.
Graphical representation of the clinical results can be seen below.

Almost a quarter of the patients showed complete mucosal healing in the colon demonstrating that TRUD™ is effective in facilitating the healing of the affected colon of patients with mild to moderate UC in the acute phase.

Side effects
No serious adverse events were seen in any patient during the course of the trial. Some mild transient side effects (e.g. flatulence, nausea, headache, etc.) were seen which could be due to the procedure of using an enema.

Ease of use
TRUD™ was found to be well tolerated as a form of treatment for patients with mild to moderate UC. A patient can administer it by himself.

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Abstract Poster : Efficacy and Safety of TRUD