The latest treatment available for mild to moderate Ulcerative Colitis (UC) patients.

Description of TRUD™

TRUD™ was registered for sale in Europe in April 2013. TRUD™ comes in a box of 7 enema bottles, 1 bottle is to be used daily, for 28 days.

How does TRUD™ work ?

TRUD™ contains 2 different specific types of Sodium Hyaluronate (also known as Hyaluronic Acid, or HA) as well as a natural muco-adhesive agent that will ensure the adherence of Sodium Hyaluronate to the mucosa for a longer period, Sodium Hyaluronate has two very important properties which explains why TRUD™ has shown effectiveness in treating patients with mild to moderate UC. These properties are specific to the size and concentration of the Sodium Hyaluronate.

  1. TRUD facilitates mucosa healing : Low Molecular Weight HA (LMW HA)
  2. TRUD provides protective barrier : High Molecular Weight HA (HMW HA)

LMW HA – diffuses into interstitial space to promote EPITHELIAL RESTITUTION

  • Reorganisation of the cycloskeleton to facilitate movement : FLATTENING & SPREADING
  • Adjacent epithelial cells MIGRATION into the wound to cover the denuded area, thereby :
    - Facilitates epithelial cells PROLIFERATION to replenish the decreased cell pool
    - Promotes DIFFERENTIATION to maintain the numerous functional activities of the mucosal epithelium

HMW – forms protective coat on mucosa by :

  • Providing HYDRATION, thereby ensuring viscosity of the mucus
  • Acting as a barrier against toxins and bacterias
  • Moderating the migration of leucocytes to limit the excessive inflammation

Mucosa Healing & Protection {GIF}A graphical representation of how the 2 different Sodium Hyaluronates in TRUD™ work (click on the image to zoom)

Where to find TRUD™

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TRUD brochure

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